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iKBC was founded by a group of enthusiasts!

Their common interest brought them together, and they gradually formed a stable group. In order to develop the keyboard that all of them would like and recognize, they were always discussing and debating with one another about it, "Until one day, a story was shared by everyone."

 iKBC stands for


iKBC was founded in 2007 by a group of keyboard enthusiasts and focused on designing and manufacturing quality mechanical keyboard for keyboard enthusiasts.


In 2008, iKBC developed the first PBT keycaps, the company started to make a name worldwide among the enthusiasts community.


In 2010, first 60% programmable macro keyboard, the “Poker”, was launched resulting in the “Poker” becoming the most sold ever 60% mechanical keyboard. Today the “Poker” is considered as the best mechanical keyboard in the compact (60%) segment worldwide and has become the industry standard for all keyboard enthusiasts looking into the compact segment.

In 2013, iKBC introduced the first Backlit Doubleshot PBT keycaps, making the community’s dream come true by providing translucent keycaps that are made of the highest and the toughest material that was ever manufactured. Today, industry leaders use this technology for their RGB mechanical keyboards.


In 2016, in order to strengthen the brand awareness globally, iKBC started to build up worldwide sales and marketing channels and provide a whole new line up of mechanical keyboards inspired by the community’s needs and feedbacks.


The popularization and promotion of PBT keycaps.


iKBC committed itself fully to the production and development of PBT keycaps produced with pure PBT raw materials from the beginning, to make sure that they are comfortable and harmless to use. And in 2013 and 2014, two-color PBT and two-color light-transmissive PBT keycaps were launched, turning keyboard players' dreams into reality.

R&D and promotion of special arrangement 


iKBC launched the first mechanical keyboard, Poker, which is the world's well-known 60% of regular size mechanical keyboard, and later also worked with KBTalKing and developed keyboards, Race and Pure keyboards.

Focusing on research about the feel of keyboard 


iKBC uses stabilizer on all of its large keys on the keyboard. After the development of the products of three generations, iKBC's stabilizer is substantially close to the feel of ordinary keys and has become the industry standard.

which means “the keyboard that can bring you a pleasant experience”.

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